The Sun

I have loved the movie Into the Wild,  since the first time I watched it.  The freedom, the travel, the adventurous spirit the man had was inspiring in a special way.  I recently started reading the book by Jon Krakauer.  My book is filled with underlines and highlights of quotes that are close to my heart but there is one quote that I truly have started to live by.  The quote says, “…for each day to have a new and different sun.”  Since being discharged from the hospital and getting back into the habit of real life,  it is really hard to remember that some days are still going to be hard.  As long as you are getting up out of your bed, you are one step closer to happiness.  This quote enlightened me.  It made me see getting up and taking on the day with a new perspective.  One day may be very bad, you feel low.  But do not let that day destroy your next.  “Living each day under a new sun” is what I think every day when I wake up.  Take on a new perspective of the world and take on the day with a positive outlook.  It is sometimes unbelievably hard to remember to ride the wave of emotions that happen.  The sun is something that I believe helps in every way.  It is the true light of the world.  This quote is not just about traveling and being adventurous, but it is showing that the sun can guide your life. You CAN get up.  You CAN take each day head on.  You CAN do it.  Live everyday with the past behind and the sun in front.  Be the sun.



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I want to end the negative stigmas attached to mental health issues. I want to create more self love and help others on their own journey’s. Bloom into your true self and share with others to create a beautiful love garden. xoxo Sky

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