Dear Mean Girls…

Thank you.  Thank you for making me find myself.  If you hadn’t forced me out of your lives, I wouldn’t be the strong person I am today.  Thank you for making fun of the way I dressed, it empowered me.  Thank you for never talking to me again, for I might be still stuck in that bubble of negativity.  Without you, I would still be feeling weak and dependent upon others satisfaction.  You made me, me.  Utterly and truly myself.  I have now found love, real love.  Friends, real friends. Happiness, real happiness.  And you have no choice but to sit back and see me bloom.  Thank you.  I am free.  You do not hold me by my shirt anymore.

I’m sorry.  I am sorry that you cannot find the love for yourself.  That you cannot find the kindness for yourself.  You only can truly love and be kind to others when you first love who you are.  Please start being kind to yourself.  Please love yourself.  You do not have to feel the need to drag others down anymore.  You are you.  You can be kind.  You can spread love.  If only you would just realize.  By hurting others, you hurt yourself.  It may “strengthen” you.  It may give you the “power” you feel the need to have.  You do not need this.  You need to find the power within yourself.


One girl who is forgiving you.  Not forgetting but forgiving, for forgiveness is the only way to completely be free.




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