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Little Things I Have Learned

I have learned more things than I ever have this year of my life. I learned that music helps everything, you just have to find the right band. That listening to The Beatles heals my lonely times.  That people come and go.  That sadness comes with joy.  That love comes with loss. That sometimes the people you love most are the ones you have to let go.  That there is more to people than what is on the surface.  That love helps healing, more than any medicine.  How important it is to love your family.  How important each morning is, for it is the start of a new day.  How much it hurts to realize the person you once loved is not the person you now know.  People change.  Kindness is the essence of life.  Hate is the evil that we should not dwell on.  That the biggest bully to me is myself.  We must learn to love ourselves before we are able to truly love others. That the people you think are staring at you in class really are just zoning out. They don’t realize how frizzy your hair is, or how big that pimple on your chin is. That you know more than you realize.  You may not have straight As but you are smart. That if you look into someone’s eyes, you can see their soul.  You do not have to believe in what everyone tells you to.  Being radical always makes your voice heard.  Being a “dreamer” isn’t bad.  Crying is okay.  That getting help is the best for your mind and body. It is hard, but do not over think everything.  It is necessary to live and feel empowered.  Finding your inspiration in life helps to get through the day.  The only real way to be free is to live with no fear.  Vulnerability is hard in a world that is so cold, but continue to be so.   Movies and flowers will never break your heart.  That the earth is so beautiful if you just take a moment to open your eyes.  That staying in the moment makes the world a magical place of peace.  That peace is the most powerful gift that life has given.  It should be used more often.  War is never the right answer.  Nor is violence.  That hiding just makes reality hit you harder.  That finding the good in every single person makes the world a little lighter.  That feelings come and go but you stay forever.  That those mean people are just jealous.  Do not dwell on their ways.  That all people have bad days, but these days are what make the best days worth living.  That being a “hopeless romantic” is not real.  Everyone will experience love at a point in their life.  That as long as the sun is still shining, you are too.  That school is not everything.  There are so many things in life that are bigger.  When in doubt, write.  When in doubt, paint.  When in doubt, look at the sky.  Everything is there- the stars, the moon, the sun, the planets, clouds.  They are each individually beautiful, just like each human.  You CAN sing, even if you aren’t the best.  Belt your voice out as if you are performing a concert.  Taking off all your clothes and dancing to loud music by yourself is the best way to end a hard week. Let go.  Letting go of habits is how you make a new adventure. Letting go of grudges is how you become free.  Letting go of labels allows you to view new worlds.  And in the end, life is worth living.   

-everything has beauty, if you choose to see it.



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