A Mental Cleanse

Summer.  That word always made my shoulders immediately go down and my smile go higher.  This year has been the hardest year in my life so far.  I have wanted a break since school began.  Each school break I had, was no break at all.  I always blamed it on an occurance that happened.  Which could be blamed in some cases, but others I just hated life.  I always found a way to go into a negative direction.  I never saw positives in anything.

But the thing I ignored was that you cannot just take a break from anxiety.  You cannot just take a break from depression.  You cannot just take a break from your brain.  The break never was meant to be physical, it was always mental.

Now that life is coming to a physical break.  From school.  From a monotonous day.  From cold weather.  It is a new time in life.  A time to cleanse.

My happy place is always under the sun.  Feeling the warmth.  The calming aspect of it shining down on me.  That is when I feel alive.  It is in those moments I revive.

This summer is a time in my life that will be very special.  A break.  Not from my mind but entirely focusing on my mind.  I will hold on to the small things in life.  I will not hold onto my past negatively.  I want to cleanse all of the dirt and soot that have been stuck in each pore of my body and start anew.

This summer I want to be special for each person reading this right now.  I want you to find your happiness.  I want you to go lay down under the sun and see how it feels on your body.  On your skin.  I want you to stay up late and see how beautiful a summer night is.  I want you to go somewhere freeing.  Go there and scream.  Scream out all of the year.  Move on.  Do not hold on to the past.  A cleanse from all hate and all of the weeds growing through us.  Pull the weeds and start to love.

Breaks are not just meant for stopping.  They are for evolving.



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