Phases of Life

We all want to be seen as someone in high school.  Whether it is the life of the party or the wallflower, we all have a certain way of living that makes us who we are.  But we all go through different phases of our lives.  Growing up, who I wanted to be was always someone different from everyone else.

If you look at pictures of me from 8th grade, you would probably be really confused.  In one picture I would be in full black, a black choker, and black lipstick.  But in the other I would be in full floral print with a flower crown on.  It always just depended on how I felt and where I was going.  I just never wanted to look like anyone else.

I think that in the beginning of my revolution of going against normality, it was just to give people a reason to make fun me. I knew they were going to anyway so might as well give them one reason. But as I kept growing up, it was not about being different at all.  It became who I am.

I never felt that fashion was a thing of looking at the mannequins and taking the clothes off of them and wearing it.  Or seeing what people wore in school and wearing the same things.

I never wanted to go along with the conformities of what people were giving me.  I always wanted to just figure out who I am by doing my own thing.  Each stage that I have had in my life so far is still who I am.  Just because I may have been different, it does not mean that I was not being myself.

Everyone will go through different phases of their life.  But do not let people say that one stage was bad.  Each stage in one’s life is special.  Each different stage of life will teach you something beautiful.  Many people tell me that one day I will get out of my “nonconformist” stage and I will stop being how I am now.  Which may be true.  But who I am right now is the same essence I will have when I am twenty.  I may change, but my soul will not.  My name will not.  So for now I will just soak in who I am at this moment.

Let your true self out.  No matter what people see, know that you are you and no one can change that.  It does not matter how you look.  If you are being yourself, than you already are beautiful.



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