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I Want to Live

If you know me, you know how worried I get when people say “kms.”  It is a term that is used too often that I do not think people even realize the hardness of those words put together. “Kill myself.”

Me, being a seventeen year old girl growing up in this crazy society, I am on twitter constantly.  Twitter honestly has the funniest/stupid things in the whole world.  But that is the exact reason I go on it.  For the funny videos or tweets.  As I go along my feed waiting to find the hilarious conversations that go on.  There are always tweets that I would never want to see.

On twitter, it is trendy to hate on yourself and joke about how if you do not have perfect skin and a skinny body you are just going to “kms lol.”  This is a trend I wish the world would see as soul killing.  It is so normalized to joke about killing yourself, yet the world cannot handle when someone does.  Thinking it is selfish and ridiculous.

I get so confused every time someone says this.  I have been there.  I have actually wanted to “kms” so when I see this will “lol” in front of it, it makes my heart-break into a million pieces.

Believe me, I am a person who has tweeted something negative about myself.  But with you guys, I am going to challenge myself to focus on the positive.  Instead of saying “kms” lets say we want to live.  With everything wrong with our lives.  At least we are still alive.  Instead of saying how ugly we are lets talk about how beautiful the world is.  Lets take on a revolution.  A revolution of radical living.  Radical together.



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