A Letter to The Heartbroken, You Won’t Be For Long

One day I may just be a memory in your brain. One day you might be in Australia during summer and I will still be in Chicago in the winter. It will be the same day, with different light, with different time, with different people. One day I will not only not be in love with you anymore but I may not even love you anymore. One day your face will be unrecognizable to me but I will know it is you because I will remember how your eyes squint when you smile. One day we may cross paths again, and we might not notice each other. Or we will notice and we will say hi like we never laid in the same bed or cried in each other’s arms. We will say hi like we just went to the same high school and saw each other in the hallways and kept on walking.

One day you will just be a memory in my brain. One day I will forget I held onto you too tight because I felt like my life would stop if I just let you go. I forgot how freeing it is to let things go. One day after you were gone, I was able to start giving my love to myself. One day I will be okay with the feeling of loneliness, because I am never really alone. I will keep healing even though it is a long process. I will not give up on filling the the pieces that you may have taken with you. Because one day I will fall just as in love with a new small boy. Just as fast as my heart broke, it will be put together again and it will start glowing.

Yes I am heartbroken. As I will be many times in my life. So why dwell on the pain that heartbreaks make. When I can give it a warm hug and say thank you. For now I know what my heart needs. And right now, all it needs is me.



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