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Life Happens in Seconds

It is not until we cannot live our lives anymore, do we wish for life to happen.

Our world is paused right now. Our lives are solely based on surviving rather than living.

For most people, this time in our lives is scary and overwhelming. There is so much we wanted to do. We miss the ones we love. We wish life could go back to normal. Our world stopped in a blink of an eye and now people wish they could live. I believe everything happens for a reason and it took me a while to figure out why things like this have to happen. Now I know.

I want you to remember these moments the next time life starts again. In this time I hope you can see how precious life is. For each moment can change in less than a second.

So instead of soaking in the sadness of what could have been or what is, use this time to feel each emotion. Learn something you have always wanted to learn. Play the guitar. Or piano. Write music. Workout. Dance with your mom. Pull an all nighter so you can watch the sunset and sunrise in one period of time. Watch the notebook and sob. Get rid of clothes you never wear. Paint. Meditate. Stare out your window and write down every single thing you see. Play wii with your brother. Learn how to bake your favorite cookies. Read a book. Write a book. Pierce your ears. Make a new playlist every single day. Vlog everyday you are stuck in your house. Play the board game that has been sitting on your shelf for years. Talk to your family. Really ask them how they are. Take pictures. You will want to remember these days one day. Facetime your friends. Think about who you wish you were with. Learn who really loves you back. Tell the person you are in love with that you love them. Start a new show on Netflix and tell your best friend to watch it too. Write a list of who makes you feel like sunshine and let them know they are on it. Take a bath.

I hope in this time you see how special life is. So when life does start again, you can live it the way you wish you were this whole time. I do not believe people really see how change can happen in just a moment. This is a time in which we can change how our world looks. Make it a place that is beautiful for you. And remember this when you take life for granted. The time is now.

I wish you all healing, health, and love.



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