A Love Song to Those Who Need to Hear It

You may hear these words everyday of your life. You may never believe them. I never did. But to whomever is reading this: You are enough. You are soft, stay that way. You are human, we all make mistakes. You were created for a reason. You are not alone, even if you feel alone. YouContinue reading “A Love Song to Those Who Need to Hear It”

If You Need, I will Follow Where You Lead

Many times when something is scary we run away.  In a nightmare, our answer is always run.  When we are being chased, we run to shelter.  When we are scared of being alone, we run to someone.  But when our own lives are scary, we cannot run away. Sometimes in life I wish I couldContinue reading “If You Need, I will Follow Where You Lead”

Vulnerability and Its Power

“It has been one of the greatest and most difficult years of my life.  I learned everything is temporary. Moments. Feelings.  People.  Flowers.  I learned love is about giving.  Everything.  And letting it hurt.  I learned vulnerability is always the right choice because it is easy to be cold in a world that makes itContinue reading “Vulnerability and Its Power”