For the Misfits and Magnificents

I never was part of a “friend group.”  If I ever called it that, I was wrong.  I was always friends with different people.  My best friends I have now come from many different groups of people.  Yet we still are best friends.  For me, I just never felt like I fit in anywhere.  Every group had a different dynamic to each other but I felt so bad because I felt like a misfit wherever I went.

Then one day, in grade school, I stayed home sick.  I watched Perks of Being A Wallflower.  I watched that movie I think everyday of that week.  I fell in love with each word, but there is one line that stole my heart.

“Welcome to the island of misfit toys.”

I felt welcomed.  Into a movie that is not even real.

So this is for all of the misfit toys,

For the toys that were played with and thrown out because they were not wanted anymore.

For the toys that felt loved but were shoved away in the back of the toy box and broke.

For the toys that were created to bring joy yet still feel they are not enough.

YOU. You are the reason why life is worth living.  To meet people like you.  Who do not pretend to be anyone else.  Who do not fit into this confusing hard world because you are so beautiful people cannot understand who you are.  Let those who break you, who lead you on but let you go, leave.  No one who destroys you, is needed.  You deserve those who love each and every aspect of your unique mind.

So welcome. Welcome to my island of misfit toys.  Welcome to the love club. Anyone is welcome.  You are free.



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