The State I’m In

People have always told me that I am an eighty-year-old woman stuck in a young girl’s body.  I had my life planned out. I was never a person who didn’t know what my life looked like. I knew the niche categories my love fell into and knew the depths of my heart early in life.  I evenContinue reading “The State I’m In”

Your Only Perspective Is Your Own, Until You Change It

My morning ritual involves sweat, pills, and a shower. Most days, I try to get in the shower as soon as I wake up in a puddle of my own sweat. It is hard to understand what you are feeling when your label lists so many side effects that doctors need help from more doctorsContinue reading “Your Only Perspective Is Your Own, Until You Change It”

For My Friends That Didn’t Make It, Happy Birthday

“As the humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarians are committed to creating a large-scale impact from the ground up, which means these revolutionaries are all about macro change. They aspire to move radically through social progress, so if they seem disinterested, it’s likely because the issue at hand isn’t community-focused. Shifting the conversation from “me” toContinue reading “For My Friends That Didn’t Make It, Happy Birthday”

Relationships When You Have A Mental Illness

One of my favorite bands has always been The Beatles. From my mom making my brother and me sing the harmonies of “Hey Jude”, to the love of them bringing me and my boyfriend together, they have always had my heart. On top of that, their lyrics inspire me to write every single day. SomeContinue reading “Relationships When You Have A Mental Illness”

Finding A Purpose, The 20 Year Old’s Fear

Being 20 is like being a child again. Somehow after twenty years on this Earth, it feels like you have to relearn life. Relearn how to live as an adult. Relearn what family means, what home means. You have to relearn your safety, and who the real monsters are. You have to relearn how toContinue reading “Finding A Purpose, The 20 Year Old’s Fear”