Look Up

I’ve learned that saying I am ugly everyday more than once will never let me soak in my self-love. I’ve learned that getting out of bed is the most important goal one should have each day. I’ve learned to love others even when they do not love me as much back, because I may be their light in life. I’ve learned to dance wherever and whenever I possibly can. I’ve learned to let things and people go. But I’ve also learned how to let people in. I’ve learned to look up when walking, so I never miss what is going on around me. I’ve learned that I don’t deserve the pain that I think I do. I’ve learned that music can cure any wound, if you let it. So can asking for help. I’ve learned how to be friends with my loneliness. I always have myself. I’ve learned to let go of the past and to stop worrying about the future. I’ve learned to eat, even when I do not want to. I’ve learned to lose the scale and find strength. I’ve learned that time is relative, let life move you. I’ve learned to be okay with people not liking me, all I need is for me to like me. I’ve learned that you can love someone but not like them. And you can love someone without being in love with that same person. I’ve learned that everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it is not the end. I’ve learned how to find inner peace. I’ve learned how important it is to hug people. Hug people. Everyday. I’ve learned that just because they don’t believe in me, doesn’t mean I can’t believe in myself. I’ve learned to always say thank you. Appreciate all that is given to you. I’ve learned that some things are not worth crying over, but you still can cry anyway. I’ve learned to let every person you meet make an impact on your life, for one day you will have a memory of them and will miss hearing their voice. I’ve learned that as long as I am alive, I have something to be happy about. And I’ve learned that I have to relearn every lesson each day until it becomes routine in both my mind and body.



I Will Not Give Up

It was only two years ago that I did not believe I would be living to that night. It was only a year ago that I did not think I would be graduating high school. It was only months ago that I thought about ending up in college. And now I am in my second month of living out of my home, going every week to my classes, and the longest time I have gone without self-harming. Never did I think these days would come.

Yet, here I am. Alive and living, not just surviving.

I never made this blog with the intention that many people think I have. I did not make it for people to give me sympathy for my struggles. That is the last thing I need. I did not make it to try to prove to people that I am strong and I know how to live life “right.” Because believe me, I have no idea what I am doing most days of the week. All I know is what helped me in the times of my darkness. And that is what I try to do for others, be their glimpse of light.

When I meet with those who suffer, one of the things I often say is that if I have enough strength to live, so do they. And it is so true. Before my life hit the floor, I never once thought I was strong. I never once thought that I would be able to handle the hard things that life throws at me. I was so wrong.

We doubt ourselves more than we will admit. Do you realize how many days you have gone through? How many hours of suffering you have lived in? Yet you are still alive.

Sometimes I cry at just the thought of how far I have come. How strong I really am. And for once in my life I will admit that I AM proud of myself. It still completely blows my mind that I am in college right now. Not only that, but I made friends, I go to class, and I am living with no pain of self-harm. I have gotten through my hard days, days of not wanting to get out of bed or days I spent sobbing. I did it.

So can you. Even if you are not at this point yet, you will be. One day whether it be tomorrow or in two years, you will finally feel strength. You will know how it truly feels to be free. It takes time and there is no rush. We all move in paces we can handle. It took me years to feel some release of all the darkness that was over my eyes. And slowly it lifted, just as it will for you. There will be many days where you will feel that it is not worth pushing through. Where you will say screw it and will want to just give up. Do not give up now. I gave up so many times before I got here, but then I tried again. And each step I made, made all the difference.

It will not be easy. I won’t lie to you. But it will be worth it. Because I have seen so many more days of beauty and light. I have met so many wonderful faces. And I can now say that I can fight. I know my strength. And I know my worth. And the next time I feel like my weakness will overcome, I will go back and read this moment. For when and if my bed or my razors are calling my name, I will blast my music and dance instead.



You Can Save Your Life (If You Choose)

Since I can remember I have always said, that if I could, I would take all the pain away from all people and give it to myself. I say that I know that I can handle it, as some others may not be able to. I want to help. I always want to fix everyone’s problems and wish for all people to just live in peace. But there is only so much I can do.

For a long time, I thought that maybe if I just keep trying and trying to fix people, it will work. If I take on their pain and make theirs go away, everything will work out. That is until I realized that many people do not want help. Even if they take it, it does not mean that you are truly helping them, they may be just leaning on you.

Being a giver comes with many joys, but also many sorrows. The truth is, you cannot help those who cannot help themselves first.

Learning from my struggles with mental health and talking to millions of people through this blog has taught me many things. The biggest lesson is that some people you just cannot help. And each time, I realize this it breaks my heart over and over again.

You see, the only way a person will live in peace is when they find peace within themselves. And the only way that a person can truly get help is by opening themselves up to the fact that help is needed, not just wanted. There is only so much one person can handle. And if you keep on giving your love, help, support, to others, you will become empty.

In mental health, you can do everything in your power to try and help someone struggling. You can talk them out of bad moments. You can be by their side at all times. But if they are not going to therapy, not taking their medications, or just not understanding the fact that they need more, then nothing will ever change.

If I never went to my mom and told her about my actions and thoughts, I would not be here today. If I did not go to therapy each week, I could be in bed for days. If I stopped taking my medicine then I would be suffering.

I know it is scary. I know it is hard. But you are the only person that can change your life for the better. You are the only person who decides whether or not they want to fight their disorders. And you may not think you have enough strength, but believe me you are stronger than what your mind says.

So please if you are reading thing right now, go get some help. Please live another day, you will never regret it. You are worth the attention. You are worth the love. And you can be another story that saves someone else’s life. You are not another name suicide will add to it’s list. Getting help is the most powerful thing you can do. And I am proud of you.



Get help

I do get hungry for times when I am fed by the sun hitting my eyes. Then sometimes the hunger turns into starvation and my soul lacks life. It gets stuck and I begin to see no sun, no light. My nutrients for life lacks, suffers. As I wilt away into a star that is starting to die out. That is when I know my skin and my mind hurt. When just oxygen doesn’t keep me alive anymore.

I need more.
I need help.

So I tell the mother of my life, “baby we will figure this out.” She squeezes me tight. The next day I tell my therapist, “hospitalization.” I hear the words flow out of her mouth like an endless river that keeps ebbing forever.

That night I sink into the arms of my bed hoping it will hug me back. When I look at the sky from my bed side window. Then a star stares right at me. The brightest star in that night sky.

One day I will be like that again. Shining, glowing with radiant happiness. But first I must gain help. I must go back to the place that made me feel myself again.

Depression and anxiety come in waves. One day is the earth, moon, and sky. The next is dirt, mold, and worms. And when a day turns into a month, it is time. Time to get help. Get what you need. It is okay. It is something more people need to do. Life is rough, but you do not need to struggle alone.

So that is what I am doing. Going back. To get people to help me find my strength in myself. I have lost it, but just for a moment. I will be back as strong as ever, very soon. I can feel it.

Stay A While #suicideprevention

I am alive.
I say today.
As I think about surviving.
One year.
I choose to live.
One day.
To one year later.

Last year, January 15th, I made a promise to myself. To get help. And to live. January 15th, the day I choose to live.

I cannot believe that it has been one whole year later. Of me going through life. I never thought I would be here.  But I took a breath. I decided to see more sunrises, sunsets. To hear more birds sing. To smell more gardens. To taste more snowflakes.

This was the year that I needed in my life.  A year that made me who I am today. Through the lows, I found my highs. I found the people that made me feel like sunlight. I found life. I found courage. And I found pure happiness. The kind that makes me shed tears of joy. I now smell roses at all times and feel velvet covering my scars. I am here. And I am taking my coat off and staying a while.

You can survive. Not only that but you can live while doing so. Keep hope. Stay that one extra moment. You will not know the difference it will make. Breathe for a while longer. Stay, I know you can.



Keep Your Spirit

I was once told I was broken
Like a glass that shatters
when it lands after flying
through the air

I was once told I was heavy
they said they could handle but the handle broke and there I was again
falling holding the handle
that they once had

I was once told I was weak
like an old sick cat
that can only crawl a few steps before
laying down to break

Little did I know how perfectly fit together each of my pieces were
how feather-like my life would be
how each muscle was engaged in my body so I can lift up anything
any being

my loves
listen not
to those whom drag your limbs around
the person who knows

fight back
take back
your being
keep your spirit.



I Haven’t Cried Today

I haven’t cried today.

I haven’t bled.

I haven’t dwelled in darkness.

I saw a bird.

I saw the sun.

I saw a smiling face.

Tomorrow it will all happen again.

I will wake up and know that all is right.  All is true.  The littlest things are our most precious treasures.

I used to think needing more in life was going to make me happy.  But that’s just not it. Not it at all.

You see all you need is yourself.  You need to see the happiness that surrounds you with your own eyes. You don’t need luxury.  You don’t need anything but your hands, eyes, mouth, ears, feet.  So you can feel each lover that surrounds you.  So you can see the sky and birds flying high.  So you can taste the warmth of the sun on you tongue.  Hear the laughter of life that surrounds you.  Sink your toes in the ground, the dirt.

You can be still. And be happy.  Find yourself.  Find your happiness. It’s the little things.