Look Up

I’ve learned that saying I am ugly everyday more than once will never let me soak in my self-love. I’ve learned that getting out of bed is the most important goal one should have each day. I’ve learned to love others even when they do not love me as much back, because I may be their light in life. I’ve learned to dance wherever and whenever I possibly can. I’ve learned to let things and people go. But I’ve also learned how to let people in. I’ve learned to look up when walking, so I never miss what is going on around me. I’ve learned that I don’t deserve the pain that I think I do. I’ve learned that music can cure any wound, if you let it. So can asking for help. I’ve learned how to be friends with my loneliness. I always have myself. I’ve learned to let go of the past and to stop worrying about the future. I’ve learned to eat, even when I do not want to. I’ve learned to lose the scale and find strength. I’ve learned that time is relative, let life move you. I’ve learned to be okay with people not liking me, all I need is for me to like me. I’ve learned that you can love someone but not like them. And you can love someone without being in love with that same person. I’ve learned that everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it is not the end. I’ve learned how to find inner peace. I’ve learned how important it is to hug people. Hug people. Everyday. I’ve learned that just because they don’t believe in me, doesn’t mean I can’t believe in myself. I’ve learned to always say thank you. Appreciate all that is given to you. I’ve learned that some things are not worth crying over, but you still can cry anyway. I’ve learned to let every person you meet make an impact on your life, for one day you will have a memory of them and will miss hearing their voice. I’ve learned that as long as I am alive, I have something to be happy about. And I’ve learned that I have to relearn every lesson each day until it becomes routine in both my mind and body.



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